No room in the market for all the eight-megapixel camera phones

No room in the market for all the eight-megapixel camera phones

Vodafone is expected to stock three eight-megapixel handsets as the operator carve up of the similarly high-spec camera phones begins.

Vodafone will have the Sony Ericsson C905 and the Samsung i8510 by mid October and will also stock the LG KC910 (believed to be branded as ‘Viewty2’), Mobile understands.

3 is expected to take on the Samsung i8510 as it continues to start including Samsung handsets in its portfolio. Orange customers can already buy the Samsung i8510, but only through Carphone Warehouse.

The manufacturers will compete for the top position in the market, but with so many competitors, winners and losers are expected.

Industry experts expect the LG KC910 to fare well as its competitors are both concentrating on other big handset releases – the Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 launched recently. LG is also the only eight-megapixel handset so far with a touch-screen format.

One operator buyer said: ‘We don’t know if there is that much consumer interest in eight-megapixel camera phones. There’s certainly not enough room for all of them.’

It is thought that Sony Ericsson will bring out another eight-megapixel camera phone. The manufacturer will be swamping the market with the release of another high-pixel camera phone, the W902, a five-megapixel phone to be released in mid October alongside the C905.

One analyst from CCS Insight said: ‘The relentless megapixel “arms race” shows no sign of letting up.’

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