Mobile phones could be used to deter terrorism

Mobile phones  could be used to deter terrorism

Purdue University has begun the development of a tiny bomb detector to aid with the fight against terrorism. The miniscule device is designed to fit into a mobile handset and is set to transform every mobile phone into a roaming nuclear weapon detector.

Reminiscent of Hollywood sell-out, The Dark Knight, the detectors may prove effective against the threat of a ‘dirty bomb, a device designed to spread radiation.

The officially named ‘The Distribution Nuclear Detection’ had been developed by Ubiquitous Cellphone, and is reliant upon other detectors housed inside disparate handsets. This in theory will enable the authorities to identify and contain any radiation source once a mobile phone user walks by. They have approached congress in a bid to make the adaptation of handsets, a legal requirement. As a consequence mobile phone users in the future will unwittingly become walking terrorist deterrents.

The team at Purdue are adamant that development should be moved away from high tech, expensive production. In terms of cost, Project leader, Andrew Longman, commented: “the most effective system will be as inexpensive as possible, so hundreds of thousands or millions will carry sensors inside their cell phone, at minimal cost’ 

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