Review of Nokia 5800 and comes with music

Review of Nokia 5800 and comes with music

Nokia has launched its long awaited Comes With Music service on the 5310 handset, here’s what we think of the package at first sight.

First some explanation: Comes With Music gives you twelve months unlimited music downloads from Nokia’s music library via either your phone or PC. As the name suggests, the service will be ‘bundled’ with selected Nokia handsets as part of the price. Now our opinions:

In a nutshell, the service will turn Nokia’s handsets into more affordable– but not necessarily better – rivals to the iPhone. The real plus is that for the twelve months the subscription deal lasts, you can download as much music as you want AND get to keep it. The music is windows format, which means it can be played on any computer, but unfortunately NOT on a Macintosh or an iPod.

The total cost of the Nokia 5310 handset and service is £129.99 from Carphone, making it far cheaper than the iPhone. The music service probably accounts for about £45 – a little over £4 a month. That’s around half the cost of Napster’s music rental service, plus you get to keep the music after the subscription ends. On the downside, Nokia is offering access to 2 million. That’s a lot less than Napster’s 6 million, but a reasonable start.

The downsides are the 12 month subscription will run out two thirds of the way into an 18 month contract. Does that mean you are forced to buy another Nokia? That’s what the manufacturer hopes. But it would also say that a new purchase is not necessary, as you can keep everything you have downloaded.

As for the user experience, it won’t top an iPhone or iPod, which are ahead of the competition and currently best in class. But it is very reasonable budget alternative.

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