Motorola V3 explodes: See the pictures here

Motorola V3 explodes: See the pictures here
A customer has complained after his Motorola V3 exploded and filled the room with black smoke.

The customer says his two-year-old black Motorola V3 handset ‘exploded with an almighty bang’ after it had being charging for about an hour. He claims the smoke was so thick that he could barely see his hand in front of his face.

The problem occurred because the battery became ‘red hot’ and started glowing. The explosion caused the back of the phone to fly off.

Carphone staff that spoke to the customer say he was concerned as to what might have happened if the phone had exploded in his trouser pocket or if he was holding it to his ear. The staffers say it is the first case they have seen of a Motorola exploding.

Mobile reported last year that Nokia had had issues with the ‘exploding’ BL-5C battery, which was used on over 50 of its handsets, including the popular Nseries. BBC’s Watchdog show also featured the issue.

Motorola is currently preparing a comment.

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