Orange predicted top ad spender after rebranding campaign

Orange predicted top ad spender after rebranding campaign

Orange is predicted to be the biggest spender among the operators, in terms of advertising, over the course of 2008 as it relaunches its brand.

Figures from several advertising and research firms claim that Orange will have a 34% share of the total spend of all the mobile operators this year, with a particular emphasis on online advertising.

High on the agenda is establishing the taglines ‘I AM’ and ‘together we can do more’, as the operator phases out its famous association: ‘the future’s bright’.

The operator is spending £30m just on ‘I AM’ since it was launched in July this year, and it is believed to be spending £500,000 per month on major websites, such as MSN and Facebook.

Justin Billingsley, brand director at Orange, confirmed to Mobile that the company was the highest spending network on advertising in July and August. He also cautioned that, across the year, Orange was ‘comparable’ to rivals.

Industry estimates claim that Orange spent around £90m on advertising in 2007, compared with £55m at O2 and £57m at Vodafone. Orange is predicted to spend £72m this year, compared with £42m at O2 and £46m at Vodafone.

Billingsley (pictured) disputed the figures and said they were grossly inflated because they reported the value, rather than the amount Orange spent after cutting deals.

He pointed to the ‘gold spots’ before films in cinemas where, he claimed, Orange spends a fifth of what the advertising position is worth, as well as long-term billboard deals.

He added: ‘In 2007, we spent slightly ahead of our market share. We are currently spending either side of our share. T-Mobile spends significantly ahead while O2 spends less than its share.’

Commenting on the ‘I AM’ campaign, Billingsley said: ‘We believe what we have is unique in the market. The language we use and the idea of relationships is something no-one else has.’

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