Behind the buyback allegations

Behind the buyback allegations

Mobile has spoken to a number of former Comment employees who claim they collected phones from Woolworths stores. Their names have been omitted here, but all are willing to stand by their testimony in court.

One former employee said: ‘We’d go into the store and we’d have a list with us and a letter from Comment and one from Woolworths telling whoever the manager was, who also would have had an email, and we would have phoned from the office to say that we’d be on our way.

‘We’d then go into the store and produce all the ID. We’d then go through our list and take whatever we wanted. All the phones would be put through the till so it was a sale and actively went through their till.

‘It would be during opening store hours – I’m sure some of the customers must have wondered what was going on because we were buying bags of them.’

Sources close to Comment Retail and Woolworths have privately raised doubt about the reliability of these claims, saying that some individuals have recently left Comment under a cloud and may be stirring up trouble unfairly. The companies declined to comment officially.


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