Woolies manager: ‘I sold phones in bulk’

Woolies manager: ‘I sold phones in bulk’

One of the former managers of Woolworths whose name appears in the above spreadsheet (but not from the stores in the image above) confirmed that he had been told by superiors to sell phones in bulk to representatives of a third-party company.

He said: ‘I can’t remember the name of the company, but I confirm that there were people who would come round, buying whatever quantity of the phones… off a particular list. I can recall at least two occasions of this happening. I remember another two occasions when we didn’t have any of the phones, so no-one came in. They bought them at the normal price.

‘In terms of normal sales there was certainly a limit to how many we could sell to people. You could only ever sell a maximum of two phones to a customer, because if there was a particularly popular phone on a good price you would get – probably market traders more than anything else – come in wanting to buy everything you had got, and we weren’t allowed to do that. When this other company came round to buy them back, it was made clear this was alright and there was the authorisation to do that.’

Woolworths was made aware of the manager’s testimony and the documents and declined to comment.

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