Mobile broadband sales double since start of 2008

Mobile broadband sales double since start of 2008

Mobile broadband is still achieving phenomenal growth with sales doubling since the start of the year.

GfK figures have revealed that the dongle flame is burning brighter than ever, and the market is set to be given yet more spark, with BT announcing the launch of its own proposition.

The GfK analysis shows that 68,000 units were sold in February this year, less than half the 149,000 that were sold in September. The volume of sales has been steadily rising month-on-month this year, aside from a large spike in July when the market peaked at a massive 163,000 units sold.

Contract dongles are still the dominant force in the market, with postpay deals currently accounting for 76% of the overall market.

However, the postpay share has increased by three times to 24% since February 2008.

It is thought that 3 is still comfortably leading the pack, with over 50% of all contract and prepay sales.

Vodafone and Orange appear to have taken their foot off the gas slightly, with little sign of strong advertising spending compared with earlier in the year.

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