Every operator has its own Christmas exclusive

Every operator has its own Christmas exclusive
Orange’s capture of exclusivity for the HTC Touch HD means that all five major operators now have an exclusive flagship device for the Christmas market; however, only 3 has a flagship handset from one of the top five manufacturers

BlackBerry Storm
Free on £35 tariffs
BlackBerry’s first ever touch-screen phone is attracting
strong, early consumer interest and, in appealing to the emerging and growing prosumer market, looks set to be another masterstroke from RIM. Is the man on the street ready for the BlackBerry brand?

HTC Google G1
Free on £40 tariffs
Not the sexiest looking device, but it certainly has built up hype as the first Google phone. Like the BlackBerry Storm, it will appeal to the prosumer market but the device’s Google branding might give it the edge when it comes to attracting the average consumer.

HTC Touch HD
£80 on tariffs from £40 per month
The HTC Touch HD looks undeniably impressive and it seems that the reliability issues that dogged the HTC Touch Diamond have been cleared up. The device appears to be strong for usability and it looks great, but the relatively high price could hold it back.

3G iPhone
£99 on tariffs from £30 per month
The 3G iPhone will always hold its own because of its iconic status. That said, the T-Mobile G1 is a serious challenger, which claims to be the ultimate browsing device. The 3G iPhone has its flaws (including the strength of O2’s 3G network), but it is still very much the
one to beat.

Nokia N95 – Nokia Comes With Music
Free on £35 tariffs
3 has the edge since it is the only operator to offer Nokia’s much hyped Comes With Music service. The draw of unlimited music will undoubtedly be strong – but will consumers want an ageing N95 when the new version (the N96) is already in shops?
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