Customer poaching by 3 is on the rise say dealers

Customer poaching by 3 is on the rise say dealers
A new round of dealer criticism has been levelled at 3 with an increase in ‘customer poaching’ in recent weeks.

3’s direct sales operation is accused of being particularly active in snatching upgrades from dealers and undercutting dealers and multiple independent chains.

Dealers cannot upgrade a customer until ‘month 17’ of an 18-month contract but direct sales can move the customer onto a new contract 15 months into their existing agreement. Dealers claimed that customers are sent text messages and phone calls from 3’s direct sales operation at this point with unmatchable upgrade offers.

They also claimed that 3 has the most aggressive direct sales channel and the biggest gap in terms of commission between new connections and upgrades.

3 appears to have put the dealers’ focus on new connections, with upgrades left to the direct sales force.

Unlike T-Mobile, Orange and O2, 3 appears not to have any immediate plans for an ongoing commission scheme.
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