Orange store staff given £15 sweeteners to bundle home broadband

Orange store staff given £15 sweeteners to bundle home broadband

Orange is making a return to the fixed broadband market after effectively withdrawing for the last nine months while it fixed the quality of the service.

Free broadband is back on Orange when bundled with a mobile phone contract package, and Orange retail staff were given new £15 commission bonuses from last month when they sold home broadband with a mobile package.

UK CEO Tom Alexander told Mobile: ‘Before I joined [group chief] Olaf Swantee came to the UK, looked at home [broadband] and decided to slow down growth.’

The decision was made 12 months ago as Orange was suffering high levels of customer complaints about its service and attracting considerable bad publicity.

Alexander added: ‘Since then we’ve been concentrating on service and customer quality. We’ve made huge inroads.’

In August this year Orange was given the second to last place on the ‘don’t buy’ list from consumer watchdog magazine, Which?

Alexander said the company is now focusing on two areas for its broadband strategy: selling to customers who are on Orange’s own (more profitable) unbundled exchanges rather than BT exchanges. The other priority is pushing more bundled mobile phone and home broadband packages, to secure more loyal customers.

‘People who buy broadband and mobile are better quality and stay with us longer,’ said Alexander.

The company also recruited Jackie O’Leary from Carphone Warehouse’s AOL to fix the customer service problems in September this year.

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