Orange gets exclusive on LG's new KF300 flip phone

Orange gets exclusive on LG's new KF300 flip phone

LG has launched a new low cost flip phone, KF-300, which Orange will sell exclusively.

The device addresses a widening gap in the flip phone market. Nokia recently released the 6650 and the first ever Blackberry flip phone is due for launch, but beyond those two devices, manufacturers have generally neglected the flip phone area of late.

The LG-KF300 is available now exclusively
on Orange on 24-month contracts from £15 per month.

The device has an ‘extra large keypad’ and features keys designed for users who want quick access to ‘hot key’ functions such as the phone book, text messages, calendar and alarm clock. It is 16.2mm thick and weighs in at 96g and incorporates a hidden sub-LCD screen.

The size of font can be adjusted for consumers who want to ‘supersize’ their text for easier reading.

The KF300 also offers 2 megapixel camera, stereo bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio and an inbuilt memory capacity which can hold up to 14MB.

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