Vodafone hit with Samsung’s Omnia returns

Vodafone hit with Samsung’s Omnia returns

Samsung’s new-found leadership in UK market share has been dealt a minor setback after a disproportionate level of returns of the Omnia smartphone have taken place.

Mobile understands that Vodafone has been hit with returns of the Omnia, after a series of complaints. Other retailers reported ‘higher than average’ returns on the Microsoft-powered device, but the highest appears to be at Vodafone.

Samsung is likely to respond by apportioning greater training for store staff to demonstrate the device.

Retail staff said that the touch-screen has a delayed response time, which affects the handset’s performance and has prompted returns.

Vodafone’s customer forum reveals problems within its settings, which is causing glitches and freezing on several smartphones, including the Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson C905 and the Omnia.

One retailer said: ‘Sometimes you literally can’t get past the calibration stage [before it stops working].’

Other staff members said that customers were also having difficulties with the Windows operating system on the device. One store that makes 100 connections per month said it experienced 15 returns in one month.

When experiencing problems with the Omnia, Phones 4u staff have been told to ring the technical line, which instructs them to reset the device.

Mark Mitchinson, vice president for mobile at Samsung UK, said: ‘Return rates differ from customer to customer. When we see an increase in non-technical returns, we will work with that customer to rectify any issues that are causing that.’

The Omnia had been tipped to pick up the baton from the highly successful Tocco, which continues to sell well. Samsung said the Omnia has the same touch-screen technology as the Tocco but returns have been much lower.

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