BlackBerry Storm's lack of Wi-Fi frustrates customers

BlackBerry Storm's lack of Wi-Fi frustrates customers

Stores and customer blogs were venting their frustration over the lack of Wi-Fi on the Storm. The decision has been universally interpreted as a means for Vodafone to force customers to go online and download music through its 3G network.

A Vodafone spokesman said: ‘There are no current plans to include Wi-Fi on the BlackBerry Storm. We believe that the BlackBerry Storm offers a complete package for consumers and businesses and we see it as exploiting Vodafone’s high-quality, high-speed mobile broadband network.’

Vodafone customer services said: ‘[With the Storm] we’re looking at streamlining people toward the unlimited Vodafone internet package.’

Some users have complained that 3G coverage is sometimes too slow, and it is often more convenient to use Wi-Fi. It is also said to be frustrating to users when they are overseas and want to go online, as overseas data-roaming can spiral into thousands of pounds, even on short trips.

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