T-Mobile to change ‘seance’ ads after complaint from 3

T-Mobile to change ‘seance’ ads after complaint from 3
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered T-Mobile to change its claim ‘you won’t find more minutes for £30’, which appears in adverts by retailer. The move comes after 3 complained about T-Mobile's campaign.

The retailer's claim was made in relation to the Combi 30 tariff, which has an allowance of 400 texts and 700 minutes.

3 said the TV adverts and brochures, which depict a seance, were misleading because because they believed their most comparable tariff was Mix and Match 1100, which offered up to 1,100 voice minutes for £27.

T-Mobile argued that, if 400 texts were factored in to the Mix and Match 1100 deal, 700 minutes per month would remain, which is the same as the Combi 30 deal.

The ASA ruling said: ‘The press ad and brochure must not appear again in their current form. We told T-Mobile to ensure they included all available plans in future comparisons.’

A 3 spokesperson said: ‘T-Mobile's print adverts not only misled people, but said that it had already searched the other networks for better deals.

‘There's really no need to look up the back end of a cow or in a Roman urn. T-Mobile and its customers could have saved themselves time and money by looking on 3's website or in their local 3 store.’

Last month, 3 and T-Mobile successfully issued a joint complaint to the ASA about Vodafone’s claim that its mobile broadband was the ‘most reliable’, ‘fastest’ and ‘light years ahead’. Vodafone was warned that it must clearly state the source of its claims in all future advertising.

T-Mobile is currently preparing a comment.

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