Orange left out of Touch after stock shortages

Orange left out of Touch after stock shortages
Orange’s exclusive HTC Touch HD has been hit with stock shortages following its release last week.

The operator admitted that it did not manage to stock all stores in time for coordinated launch, but gave assurances that stock will meet demand for the Christmas rush.

Smaller stores are being supplied with only two to three handset deliveries once a week, while larger stores are expected to receive deliveries more frequently.

An Orange spokesman said: ‘We have only just started rolling out the HD Touch HD through our retail channels, so it is possible that some stores may have received small numbers of stock initially, but rest assured we have ample stock to meet the Christmas demand.’

Positive customer demand, coupled with scarce stock levels, has led to many stores selling out of the handset. An Orange staffer confirmed: ‘We’re selling out partly because of demand but partly because of there is such low stock.’

Staff have accumulated small waiting lists for the phone, however these are not being strictly adhered to and the phone is sold to the first person who answers the phone on the list.

The HTC Touch HD is available at £50 on £45 per month, 18-month contracts. It is £80 on a £40 per month contract. The device will compete with other high-profile devices, including the iPhone and Blackberry Storm.

The Blackberry Storm was launched last week and met with huge customer demand after 70,000 people pre-registered for the phone. The storm is free on Vodafone's £40 per month tariff.

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