T-Mobile in bid to lead value market

T-Mobile in bid to lead value market

T-Mobile will continue to offer new deals in its bid to be a leader in the value market as more people look to make savings.

The operator’s deals this year appeared to have some of the same potential of Flext (its hugely successful tariff in the 2005 contract market) when they launched, but were often copied and/or promoted harder by rivals.

Hyde said: ‘You can’t predict some things that happen to you. We’re very focused on value and innovation, which matters to people over a longer term. Our aim is to be the best value in the market and drive the highest level of customer satisfaction. In that process, you try and lead, and others come in and catch up.’

T-Mobile has tried to push its Combi value deals, only to face pressure from 3 and Orange. It then tried to lead Sim-only deals with its Solo tariff and was swamped by activity from O2, Virgin, Vodafone and Orange.

Hyde said: ‘It was the same with Flext. We had a gap and then it closed. With Web’n’Walk, we introduced open internet and simple pricing while everyone else was living within their “walled garden”. Everybody jumped in and now we continue to innovate.’

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