BlackBerry Storm advertising campaign pays off

BlackBerry Storm advertising campaign pays off

Sales of the BlackBerry Storm are still strong with Vodafone and Phones 4u stores saying consumer demand for the smartphone has not dried up even after its second weekend.

Strong sales have been attributed, in part, to hefty marketing, which is believed to have involved a £10m campaign.

Stock has started flowing into stores with greater volumes after some initial distribution problems.

One Phones 4u staffer said: ‘It’s been immense and is selling like hot cakes. It has attracted more interest than the N95 and N96, and much more than the BlackBerry Bold.’

A Vodafone salesperson said: ‘The media hype has really paid off. They sell out straight away. As soon as we get a delivery in, they go.’

Vodafone expects one in six of its sales to be a BlackBerry Storm over the Christmas period, and Phones 4u has credited the Storm for achieving its best weekend of sales so far in 2008 (22 to 23 November).

Scott Hooton, Phones 4u’s trading director, said: ‘The launch of the BlackBerry Storm at Phones 4u meant that last weekend’s trade was one of our best of 2008. It’s obviously the device everyone’s getting excited about
this Christmas.’

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