BlackBerry Storm software upgrade to stem returns

BlackBerry Storm software upgrade to stem returns
Vodafone is seeking to fix software problems on the BlackBerry Storm this week with an update that users can access by going online via their device.

Software faults on Vodafone’s exclusive handset have given rise to returns and complaints from a sizeable chunk of customers.

Industry sources told Mobile that the faults affect Storm users that have the auto rotate function. It appears that some users are missing some of the shortcut applications on the device, and there are problems with the Storm’s touch-screen response.

Vodafone has said that the Storm has been one of its fastest selling handsets. It reflects a move by RIM to introduce BlackBerry to the consumer arena. The operator had anticipated that the device would make up one in six phones sold.

It is understood there may not have been enough time to iron out software faults due to a strict release date for the device. And that there was pressure to releaseit in time for Christmas, despite faults still on the phone.

One handset expert said that this was not uncommon: ‘[With a new handset] all you can do really is wait for the new software – that is the best way of doing it. Knowing what I do, I would always wait a little while if getting a new device as a lot of new devices have software faults.’

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