N96 set for Nokia music

N96 set for Nokia music



Nokia is understood to be close to putting its music download service onto its
N96 device.


However, in a move likely to disappoint loyal customers, the Comes With Music service will not be available to those who have already bought the N96.


Sales of handsets featuring the unlimited music download service are slow, according to staff at Carphone Warehouse (the only retailer selling the original devices).


New batches of the N96 device pre-loaded with Comes With Music are expected to go on sale after Christmas in a bid to kick-start sales.


Staff at Carphone said they fear a backlash from customers who have already bought the N96 but will not have the music service made available to them.

Nokia is understood to be working on plans to pacify existing N96 customers who are set to miss out on the music service.


Carphone staff said Nokia should have either launched Comes With Music with a ‘fancy, new phone’ or ‘something priced at around £70’.


The service is currently only available on the Nokia 5310 and N95 8GB.

Criticisms aimed at the Comes With Music label focus on its lack of the word ‘free’. A spokeswoman for Nokia said: ‘Some consumers feel cautious about products and services that are described as free and this is something that we have taken into account. The marketing campaign is explicit in introducing the concept of Comes With Music.’


One Carphone staffer said: ‘People just don’t get it. We have to do a lot of explaining and promoting before we get near to a sale. They should have called it “Nokia free music”.’


The manufacturer is understood to have spent around £10m in promoting its music download service.


Nokia hinted that the service would shortly be offered on other devices.
The spokeswoman added: ‘It’s important to consider Comes With Music as an integral part of the Nokia offering moving forward, rather than a promotion that is linked to two devices only.’


It is understood the manufacturer initially wanted to launch the service on the the Nokia 5800, a new touch-screen device. The handset will go on sale early next year with the Comes With Music service on board.




Comes With Music problems

Staff consistently report three crucial factors for flagging sales of Comes With Music handsets:


• The Nokia 5310 is an old handset that does not
excite customers

• Customers do not understand Nokia Comes <

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