T-Mobile will increase ongoing commissions beyond 80-20

T-Mobile will increase ongoing commissions beyond 80-20


T-Mobile is looking to tweak its new commission scheme by skewing a bigger proportion of the dealer’s commission into the fourth month, reducing the up-front cash.


The operator told its indirect partners last week that it will overhaul its commission system from April 2009, and will start
paying only 80% of the current rate of commission up-front.


Dealers will have to wait until the fourth month of a customer’s contract for the remaining 20% payment, the value of which will be 20% of the total amount spent by the customer.


T-Mobile’s head of indirect retail, Roger Fletcher, said: ‘We set it at only 80% because there are cashflow issues at the moment and concerns over the economy, so we’ve brought it in at a level that shouldn’t shock people, but we’ll review that ongoing and decide if 80% is the correct level.


‘The long-term intention would be to reduce that but we’ve promised everyone that we’ll give plenty of notice if any changes are made.’ 




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