Marketing in 2009 by Orange’s Justin Billingsley

Marketing in 2009 by Orange’s Justin Billingsley
Justin Billingsley, brand director, Orange UK.

There are three themes that I believe will be critical in the marketing sector for mobile companies in 2009.

The recession will put greater pressure on companies to be creative. When there is a lot of money to invest, a danger of becoming lazy can set in, and there isn’t a culture where you have to challenge.

In times where there are greater constraints, it forces good brands and good agencies to re-assert what they are all about.

The second theme is the rise of digital media. It is much more accountable than any other media spend in terms of return on investment, and doesn’t rely on brand tracking. There is also the opportunity to tweak things quickly if things aren’t working. Online is also a great space to be innovative, creative and engage cleverly with your market. Most of all though, it is simply a case of following the eyeballs – online is where people are spending the bulk of their media consumption. It isn’t just Orange, but an industry-wide shift. You can see that by what Nokia has been doing.

Thirdly, good brands will stand out even more next year as the ones trying to build emotional connections with customers, instead of just ramming more minutes down people’s throats for less money.

I credit O2 for the priority ticketing at The O2 as a smarter way to differentiate in a crowded market. We will focus even more on Orange Wednesdays from next year.

From an operator perspective, we are not in the business of just upgrading people on a technology cycle. The fact is if it was all about that, we would lack any kind of differentiation, and it would come down to who is the cheapest.

I think there will be closer work between manufacturer and operator in terms of marketing and branding.

As technology becomes more complex, we need to make the communication simpler and clearer. Beyond voice and text, into mapping and data, it will become more challenging to explain that story to customers and require greater collaboration.

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