Ronan Dunne gives an operator perspective

Ronan Dunne gives an operator perspective


IT and communications is undoubtedly at the forefront of innovation, and we can lead the country out of recession and create growth.

Amid all the economic volatility, all of the operators are looking for some degree of certainty to put together their plans and where to allocate investments. There are a number of regulatory issuesin the air that make things harder to plan such as the pending spectrum issue. I do think there is an opportunity to take a collective leadership position on the economy, and it will require a new approach, working with the regulator and Government.

We will need to have conversations built more on collective interests.
There is also a role to play for the industry on social inclusion during this period and bridging the digital divide. How, for example, do we deal with people having credit problems? Given many are faced with temporary situations where they have been made redundant and are applying for jobs, we need to help them rather than just switch them off.
Loyaltywill be a key word next year as churn and customer satisfaction continue to be critical metrics for operators.
Growth will be a challenge but to use a comparison with the banking sector, voice is our equivalent of the current account, but there are other services we can engage with the consumer.
Voice is the sticky bit, so mobile companies could be a net winner as consumers look for additional services to hang off that central service.
I can see us expanding the perception of what mobile is all about and making more households mobile only beyond the current level of 12% to 14% who currently use mobile but not fixed line.
If the experience of mobile broadband is on a level of basic home broadband, consumers may switch to mobile or look for a more competitive option in a mobile/fixed package.
I expect there will be continued polarisation in the market, with many consumers looking to optimise their handset so it only serves voice and text with the best value option.


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