3 UK CEO gives a 2009 operator prediction

3 UK CEO gives a 2009 operator prediction


2009 will see many businesses constrained by a lack of confidence and consumer spending.  Because of this I think you will see a shift in the balance of power between the customer and their service provider, with the service providers having to work harder to keep the customer happy. This is a change for the good and something you wouldn’t see during more comfortable times.


Certainly the economic climate will be a key driver over the next 12 months. Small moves have been made to bring down costs for consumers through slightly lower VAT, but there is a real opportunity to bring substantial savings by removing mobile termination rates.


Any sensible business will be working to retain their customer base. Over the past six months we have reduced our churn and over the next year this will become increasingly important, you’ll see a much closer alignment between our acquisition and retention activities.


We’re looking to grow – although it’s easy to make excuses during an economic downturn, there are also opportunities. In telecoms it’s unlikely there’s been another time in the past 10 years when customers have been more conscious of the value an operator can offer them.


As with most businesses, we will be working hard to manage our costs by evaluating our business and how we can be more efficient. We will do this by looking at ways we can increase awareness and opportunities for customers to self serve, we will continue to consolidate our network infrastructure with T-Mobile and we will look at improving the efficiency of our retail estate.


As a business we’ve had a great year. We’re starting to see some real changes in consumer behaviour. We’ve seen an explosion of data use on our network and the growth in Mobile Broadband has been incredible. Data is what a 3G network was created to carry. Dongles have been selling by the hundreds of thousands and this month we launched the INQ1 into UK 3Stores – dubbed by some as the Facebook Phone. The INQ1 demonstrates how we put the internet services people use everyday at home, like social networking, email, instant messenger and Skype, at the heart of a mobile phone. This in turn will see more people utilising internet communications on their mobiles like free Skype, email and instant messaging.



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