T-Mobile hits back at Avenir

T-Mobile hits back at Avenir
T-Mobile and Avenir will now split today (January 6) instead of the end of March after it was revealed Avenir had not reached performance levels in last quarter of 2008.

T-Mobile said today that the distributor had not reached its performance levels (MPLs) of 1,500, which would enable the termination of the contract today instead of riding out the usual 90 days notice.

The movement of Avenir's 50 T-Mobile dealers over to remaining T-Mobile distributors, Hugh Symmons and Redstone, has already begun.

The decision was taken after discussions between Avenir and T-Mobile. The operator's head of national sales, John Fannon said: ‘There is no real point in protracting this until the end of March because; we’re right at the start of the year, this leaves both parties free to focus their energies on their respective missions.’

Fannon said T-Mobile's indirect channel should not expect any movement in their MPLs, he said:
‘With Avenir’s departure it has left the remaining distributors in a stronger position.’

In its statement today, T-Mobile said: ‘T-Mobile went to great lengths to explain the new, lower minimum performance levels and gave all partners five months to comply with the new standards for doing business with T-Mobile. Unfortunately, Avenir Telecom has not achieved the required performance level to remain a T-Mobile distributor. We wish them every success going forward.’

T-Mobile lowered its minimum performance levels last year to 1,500 connections, dropping Fone Logistics (amongst others) in October for not meeting the targets. It is thought that Avenir was also close to the cuff in October, but was given more time by the operator.



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