Omnifone agrees deal to increase compatability of its music services

Omnifone agrees deal to increase compatability of its music services

Omnifone has announced a deal that will make its unlimited music service compatible across all the key music playing device platforms.

Its services have only been available on mobiles up until now in the UK, but new integrated technology, means consumers will be able to use the service on computers, home entertainment systems, and in car stereos.

Omnifone has paired up with digital entertainment service provider Gracenote to facilitate the advance, which has allowed consumers to synchronize their existing music library with Omnifone’s unlimited music service of over five million tracks.

In a press release, Omnifone gave the following example of what the technology can provide:

‘Users can create a comprehensive U2 playlist at home on their PC using a combination of their own collection and the unlimited music service, and start playing it in their living room. Then, get in their car, and have it pick up where they left off.

‘Later, when they are at a club, they can search for music they are looking for, then download it and have it synched to all of their devices, and get recommendations for other music they might like based on genre or user generated recommendations. On each device, the most appropriate file format and user interface is presented to ensure the best possible user experience for that environment.’

The proposition is currently being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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