Mobile broadband key in ‘Digital Britain’

Mobile broadband key in ‘Digital Britain’


A new era of broadband is about to emerge, whereby mobile operators play an equal role to fixed-line providers.


Stephen Carter, the communications minister, revealed his proposals for a new universal service commitment for ‘Digital Britain’ in his interim report today (29 January).


The report said that BT and Virgin Media will lead the internet service providers (ISPs) in the quest to bring a minimum of 2Mb/s broadband service to the entire population. It will be delivered by ‘a mixture of fixed and mobile, wired and wireless means’.


It added: ‘Britain needs to match the development in its fixed infrastructure with its mobile infrastructure. The mobile phone has become the one device no digital citizen wants to leave home without.’


The report frees BT of its current obligation – where it must provide a telephone in all homes – in favour of a new agreement that places the obligation to provide broadband on all ISPs, including mobile operators such as Vodafone and O2.


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