20:20 Mobile creates a new logo

20:20 Mobile creates a new logo
20:20 has completed a four month project to create a new logo, which is designed to be the public face of its newly integrated handset and accessories business.

The new 20:20 Mobile brand will be adopted by the Dextra brand in the coming months, in an effort to unify the company.

A more immediate change will be felt by 20:20’s Swedish subsidiary, Axcom, which will change its name to 20:20 next week with the new logo.

The move has been driven by CEO Meinie Oldersma’s (pictured) belief that the distributor should have a more logical fit with its corporate customers and suppliers.
He said: ‘Given we work in partnership with so many other highly respected brands, it’s important that our own branding is as strong and up to date as possible.’

20:20’s in-house team designed the new logo during a four month project, which was led by communications head, Kevin Meagher. He said: ‘We pitched the brief to several agencies but we settled on using our own team as they displayed the passion and expertise to deliver what we wanted.’

According to the company, the logo aims to reflect 20:20’s position between retailers and suppliers.
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