Acer to release smartphones for under £50

Acer to release smartphones for under £50
Acer released details of two €49 (£43) smartphones today, a long with two other high-end smart devices which will come with the new windows mobile operating system 6.5.

The budget smartphones are codenamed the C1 and E1 and will come in multiple colours. The phones were launched along two higher-end devices named the F1 and L1 (pictured).

Acer has said it will release a total of 10 smartphones this year.This is the Taiwanese vendor's second wave of handsets after showing four handsets at Mobile World Congress named the M900, F900, DX900 and X960.

The F1 is the flagship of the range and includes a five-megapixel camera, the L1 is a slider phone.

The latest four devices should be shipping around the end of the third quarter with further devices to come in the fourth quarter.

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