Faults on Sony Ericsson C905 prompt massive returns

Faults on Sony Ericsson C905 prompt massive returns

Sony Ericsson has suffered a new setback as one of its latest flagship handsets, the C905, has suffered high levels of returns.

Software freezing and speaker faults on the eight-megapixel C905 camera phone are responsible for returns as high as 30%, in some areas.

Sony Ericsson’s UK and Ireland managing director, Nathan Vautier, said: ‘We understand the specific quality issues were on early [batches of] C905 handsets in 2008, and we rapidly implemented steps to resolve the particular elements that caused concern, such as the speaker phone problems.’

It follows mass recalls last year on flagship products, K850i, W910i and C902, due to freezing and crashing. Many operators sought considerable compensation from Sony Ericsson because of the customer returns.

Vautier said: ‘Longer term we will continue to work very hard at the heart of our organisation – changing how we conduct our research and development, improving the source of components and the testing and verification of our products to restore the quality standards expected from our devices.’

There are high hopes for Sony Ericsson’s upcoming handsets, the W995 and Idou concept phone.

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This is with out doubt the worst phone I have owned all my other phones were Nokia and I had no problem with any of them,mine has now froze I will ...
my k850i..alwys sht down and blank
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