Apple upgrades the iPhone with basic features

Apple upgrades the iPhone with basic features
Apple unveiled the next generation of the iPhone operating system yesterday which adds functions like stereo Bluetooth and picture messaging.

The 3.0 operating system means users will be able to receive MMS’ with photo and voice recording files, though there is still no support for video files.

The upgrade also includes voice assisted navigation, Bluetooth, copy and paste functions and a search function called ‘searchlight’ which enables the user to search the entire device.

The addition of Bluetooth means iPhones will now be able to communicate with each other, as a new system based on Apple's Bonjour technology will let people play multiplayer games and exchange data files without need to be connected to a third-party server.

The upgrade is available free to iPhone owners and £7 for iPod Touch owners.

One O2 staffer said: ‘Arguably they’re just adding on things that other people have had for years but it’s a big deal because it’s Apple and they’ve done them really well.’

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