Network services to help dealer assault on fixed line companies

Network services to help dealer assault on fixed line companies

A leading distributor is tipping mobile operators to mount a challenge to fixed line companies, creating new opportunities for dealers.

Bob Sweetlove of Hugh Symons told Mobile Dealer Extra: ‘In terms of what’s going to be good in future, I’m hanging my hat on operators developing more network services to eat into fixed line.

‘I believe [mobile] operators are already working on network level services that challenge the need for PBX boxes and desktop phones in offices. That is going to be the future.’

Right now dealers and resellers can set up mobile phones to use Wi-Fi in the office, and cellular connections outside. It’s a big task requiring specialist equipment to handle call switching and cost control – a big task that many steer clear of. ‘In future that will be taken care of by the operator.’

Sweetlove predicted that such developments would strengthen the partnership between mobile operators and dealers, and make the latter less vulnerable to takeover. ‘The dealers don’t have to feel threatened that they will be swallowed up by smarter telecoms dealers. They will just need to stay up to speed with their network’s products and keep talking with their customer and introducing them to what’s coming up.’

Written by Mobile Today
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