Vodafone HTC Magic Google phone out on 1 May

Vodafone HTC Magic Google phone out on 1 May
Vodafone’s exclusive Android phone, the HTC Magic, will be available from 1 May.

The phone dubbed the G2 by some will be called the HTC Magic Pioneer and will be free on £25 per month contracts. The phone will use Google’s Android operating system.

The handset will be the second Google Android phone. It follows T-Mobile’s exclusive G1 device which was also made by HTC. T-Mobile is thought to be in talks for the third Android phone.

The Android operating system is open platform software, which means anyone can develop for it. With its limitless application possibilities the Google Android handsets seem set to compete with the iPhone for application driven revenue.

Many UK manufacturers and networks are now part of an Android group called the open handset alliance.

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