Mobile industry urges G20 leaders to ease regulation

Mobile industry urges G20 leaders to ease regulation

The world’s top mobile phone and telecoms executives have written a letter to G20 leaders asking for lighter regulation on the industry, and fairer spectrum prices, to help the world out of recession.


Companies including Nokia, Vodafone and AT & T appealed to leaders to deliver a less intrusive regulatory environment and said that up to 25 million jobs could be created as a result. The initiative was led by trade body the GSM association.


The industry said it was prepared to spend $550bn (£376bn) on building mobile broadband networks, which would boost global GDP by 3 to 4% over the next five years.


The companies called on governments to give mobile operators 25% of the spectrum that will become available by the switchover from analogue to digital spectrum, to be used for mobile broadband services.


The group said it has the potential to connect 2.4 billion people to the internet by 2013 via mobile. Around 300 million are connected through mobile now.


The letter said: ‘The business case for mobile broadband is highly dependant on regulatory policies. In recent times we have experienced a trend of rising intervention, often where this is not appropriate.’

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