Hints that new iPhone due in July will have 64GB memory

Hints that new iPhone due in July will have 64GB memory

The chances of a new iPhone later this year appear increasingly likely, with O2 understood to be setting aside a large proportion of its customer acquisition budget for the second half of 2009 for a new updated 3G iPhone.

The new device is understood to be loaded with an increased memory of up to 64GB and better screen resolution, as Apple looks to make it more attractive as a gaming and video device.

It will disappoint those expecting a low spec, entry-level iPhone for customers priced out of the current 3G iPhone.

There are also signals from senior industry sources that Apple has secured large orders of memory components in Korea to make way for the new, upgraded top-end iPhone.

One senior source pointed to the recent software upgrade to the 3.0 operating system and the development kit unveiled in March 2009: ‘That was
a big deal in the direction.

It’s taking applications to a new level where you’ve got some really exciting games and video options.’

Applications have been central to the success of the 3G iPhone, with Apple recently announcing that one billion applications have been downloaded.

Sources said any development of the iPhone would not create problems for application developers who have built apps for the existing screen size.

The new device will arrive as the first buyers of the original iPhone have ended their contracts and many more will be ready to upgrade.

It is estimated that 20 million iPhones have been sold globally and over one million have been sold in the UK by O2.

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