Apple apps cracked with new piracy program

Apple apps cracked with new piracy program

Piracy of Apple applications continues to be problematic for iPhone developers.

A new program for users to download ‘cracked’ apps free of charge has emerged.  

Apple has 35,000 applications in its store, and many of those are available on dedicated piracy sites.

The new app, ‘Crackulous’, describes itself as ‘an amazing application dedicated to the iPhone community for cracking apps’.

Figures published by iCombat developer Miguel Sanchez-Grice showed that pirate downloads accounted for up to 83% of all installations over one week.  

Jof Arnold, a UK based developer, said: ‘The world and his dog are trying to hack the iPhone. The underground scene has existed since the start of the iPhone,’ and added that Crackulous makes ‘cracking so easy your granny could do it’. 

Written by Mobile Today
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