Nokia creates new lock to tackle box breakers

Nokia creates new lock to tackle box breakers

Nokia has added a strong anti box-breaking lock to handsets in a bid to tackle a long-standing fight against the issue.

The latest measure locks the language and network of the handset.

The product, ‘Sim-lock2’, is an update on an existing lock that has already significantly reduced box breaking in tests, and is known to be frustrating ?the perpetrators.

It is aimed at Nokia’s mid-range and entry-level handsets, including the ?6500, 6300 and 2310, as well as upcoming releases.

The network lock forces a device to only work on the network it is sold on, and a language lock is viewed as equally robust.

Sources said the move will be highly effective in operator shops because devices would be network locked.

However, there are fears that box breakers will swarm to independent retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u, Argos and Tesco – where some phones are taken in Sim-free and then ‘Sim-matched’ onto different networks, subsequently lacking network locks.

Industry experts said there could also be a swing from box breakers to manufacturers other than Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer’s low-cost prepay devices have historically been targeted as they are the easiest to sell overseas.

In 2008, Nokia’s popular 6300 phone (pictured) was prominent in box-breaking claims in a range of different retailers, prompting reluctance from networks to stock the 6300 on prepay.

It has emerged that Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices, two of the main targets for breakers, are now proving to be two of the toughest brands to unlock due to their newer software.

Nokia has admitted that box breaking has been a problem in the past, but it has recently had a focus on improving and it will continue to take a ‘tough approach’ to the issue.

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