O2 bets big on faster and more expensive iPhone

O2 bets big on faster and more expensive iPhone

O2 will continue to target customers from other networks with the new ‘iPhone 3G S’, with the ‘S’ standing for speed.

The device was unveiled this week and is due in stores in two weeks, on 19 June.

Handset chief Steve Alder said two thirds of iPhone customers have been signing up from other networks. The 60:30 split has remained consistent since the first iPhone was announced two years ago.

The new version has improved memory, stretching to 32GB, a three-megapixel camera, video recording capabilities, a built-in mobile broadband dongle, digital compass and faster processors.

Crucially, the bulk of the innovation on the new device is around the 3.0 Apple software.

Alder said: ‘What’s great is that the vast majority of the development is on software. So you can get the new functionality on an existing 3G iPhone without coming into a store. You can enjoy 90% of the improvements and take the new hardware when you are ready.’

The new 32GB version is only free on a £73.41 per month, 24 month tariff, while the popular £44.05 per month, 18 month tariff (1,200 minutes and 500 texts) leaves an upfront cost of £175.19 for the device.

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