Vodafone overhauls retail targets

Vodafone overhauls retail targets
Vodafone has overhauled its retail store targets system, putting the onus on 24 month contracts to hike up revenue.

Retail staff will now receive targets based entirely on the profit of the store and will be paid commission as a proportion of this.

The new system, which replaces the old method of store targets based on sales volumes, came in on 1 June.

Staff have also reported a bigger push towards 24 month contacts, with a new tariff that reduces the monthly tariff by £5 if the customer agrees to increase the contract length to 24 months.

One Vodafone staffer said: ‘We used to be judged on volume, but now we’re judged on the quality of our connections, on how much profit each sale generates.’

Vodafone was not available for comment.

See next week's Mobile (19 June) for the full story.

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