Weekend papers: T-Mobile uses VAT loophole to avoid price caps

Weekend papers: T-Mobile uses VAT loophole to avoid price caps
Sunday Times
T-Mobile uses VAT loophole to avoid price caps

T-Mobile will use a VAT loophole to evade price caps imposed by the European Union, according to reports by the Sunday Times.

Mobile  reported earlier this month that the operator will raise the cost of calls made abroad by 6p, to 44p per minute from next month.

The hike in prices comes at a time when EU legislation has been introduced to control the price of text messages and voice calls.

Voice calls have been limited to 38p per minute excluding VAT and T-Mobile has taken advantage of the loophole.

Analysts have speculated that T-Mobile, the only operator to make the move, is trying to recoup lost revenue from the lowering of text message costs.  

The Mirror
LG announces app store

LG has become the latest phone manufacturer to announce it is opening an app store, according to reports in the Mirror.

The announcement of the service was made by Ahn Seung-kwon,  president and CEO of LG’s mobile division in South Korea.

The store will open in July, however; Seung-kwon did not mention any plans for when the store might be available in the UK.

The store is thought to be an attempt to rival iPhone’s app store and comes after the recent announcement of Sony Ericsson opening a similar service.  


Former Phones 4u owner makes bid for van firm

The Observer has reported that former Phones 4u owner John Cauldwell is looking into saving the floundering van making firm, LDV.

Cauldwell spoke to the Guardian and played down suggestions that he was interested in investing in the company, although he had requested some financial information from administrators PriceWaterHouse Coopers.
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