Samsung aims for top spot with five new phones revealed

Samsung aims for top spot with five new phones revealed

Samsung launched five new high profile handsets in a bid to snatch the number one spot back from Nokia this week.

The manufacturer unveiled its main flagship device for 2009, ‘Jet’, as well as four new devices in the Omnia range, at large scale launches in London, Dubai and Singapore.

The touch-screen Jet (pictured), which has an iPhone-like ‘zoom’ capability, took almost all of the limelight at the London event (15 June). The phone will go head to head with the iPhone 3G S and the Nokia N97, as all three enter the market within the next month.

Nokia is currently number one on UK market share, but the margin is narrow and Samsung hopes its latest clutch of big releases can propel it back to the top.

Samsung has arguably released more high profile handsets this year than ever. In the past few months alone, the manufacturer has launched the Tocco Ultra Edition, i8910 (Omnia) HD and the Pixon 12, as well as the five devices unveiled last night.  
Some believe the aggressive strategy will hit Samsung’s profits, but the manufacturer is showing no signs of letting up.

Samsung Mobile UK’s general manager, Derek Williamson, told Mobile: ‘There will be more big launches this year, it won’t stop here. One will be our Google Android device, which will be along similar lines to the Jet’s specs, looks and feel.

‘We’ve been back and forth with Nokia, but we prefer to focus on bringing out great products, and our market share will take care of itself.’ 

The Jet is expected to hit shelves next week and has been offered to all networks and retailers. The device offers an 800MHz processor, a
3.1-inch AMOLED touch-screen and a five-megapixel camera.

A high five?

The five launches Samsung hopes will propel it to the top spot:
Samsung Jet
A wannabe ‘iPhone killer’ offering a 3.1-inch AMOLED screen, 800MHz processor and five-megapixel camera. Samsung’s big hope for the second half of 2009.

Omnia II (i8000)
A Windows Mobile 6.1 follow-up to the original Omnia. It looks almost identical to the Jet and offers the world’s largest AMOLED display screen at 3.7 inches. 

Omnia Pro (B7610)
A hybrid device offering both a QWERTY keyboard and full touch-screen. Billing it as a business phone that’s just as usable on your day off.

Omnia pro (B7320)
This compact QWERTY device bears a strong resemblance to Nokia’s E71. Offers corporate push-email as well as social networking applications. 

Omnia lite (B7300)
The black sheep of the family, looking nothing like the rest. It has similar specs to the Pro B7320, but doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. 

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