Manufacturers agree to use 'one size fits all' charger

Manufacturers agree to use 'one size fits all' charger

All mobile phones will be sold with the same industry standard charger within the next three years, after the major manufacturers came to a landmark agreement yesterday.

The European Commission received the commitment from the major manufacturers, as part of a mobile industry drive for greater environmental awareness. The industry standard charger is likely to hit the market in 2010, and it is hoped it will be used by all manufacturers by 2012.

Ten manufacturers are involved in the agreement, including the likes of Apple, Samsung, Nokia and RIM (Blackberry). For European phones, the industry standard charger will adopt the micro USB connector, which is already standard on Blackberry devices.

The GSMA, the organisation representing the interests of the mobile industry, says the chargers will consume half as much energy when on standby or when plugged into the socket, but will consume the same energy as current chargers when in use.

The ten manufacturers part of the agreement are: Apple, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Texas Instruments.

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