O2 sets sights on the family with Joggler device and unlimited tariff

O2 sets sights on the family with Joggler device and unlimited tariff

O2 is set to plough more money into marketing its brand to families, having identified the ‘family segment’ as its next major priority.

The operator has hit its targets for sales of its Joggler product as well as sales of family bolt-ons, according to head of O2’s families propositions, Rebecca Alford.

She said the operator will now build on the Joggler with more applications and more marketing to families.

Family is a top three priority for O2 alongside the smartphone segment (iPhone) and young ‘value’ segment (Sim-only and pay-as-you-go).

Alford said: ‘It’s a substantial investment and one we will continue to
market to. It’s a huge area – there was not a lot of focus from our brand or the telecoms market.’

She said O2 had reached its six week target with the new family bolt-on and the Joggler.

The family bolt-on offers unlimited calls and texts for up to five people when one family member purchases the £7.50 bolt-on.

The Joggler, a tablet touch-screen device, is £150 and acts as an organisational tool, a virtual calendar and allows automated text message reminders. It also provides live weather and news as well as acting as a digital photo frame.

The device’s development is central to O2’s family strategy and the operator plans to add live internet radio streaming to the Joggler in the coming months.

Some manufacturers have expressed interest in linking products to the
Joggler. Alford said: ‘We probably wouldn’t link with other manufacturers. It’s about listening to our customers, but never say never.’

She also added: ‘Maybe in the future we can add applications that tailor it to address certain segments – but at the moment the focus is making it a killer product for family.’

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