Complaints about phone-paid services drop by 50%

Complaints about phone-paid services drop by 50%
Complaints about chargeable mobile services have dropped 57% since last year following a new regulation said PhonepayPlus.

The phone-paid services regulator said complaints about mobile subscription services and unsolicited text messages have significantly dropped since 2008 after its regulation was introduced.

The regulation was introduced after a stalwart of complaints which accounted for 90% of all calls to PhonepayPlus’ Contact Centre.

PhonepayPlus’ 2008 Mobile Review set out new rules which said services could not be advertised as free unless they were free from any charges; it also set new rules around trading of third party marketing lists; and introduced a prior permissions scheme for subscription services costing upwards of £4.50 in any given week. The Review also reinforced PhonepayPlus’ zero tolerance of any failure of the ‘STOP’ command for opting out of receiving unwanted contact by text message.

PhonepayPlus’, chief executive, Paul Whiteing, said: ‘We expect the PRS industry to be attractive to unscrupulous operators looking for ways to make a fast profit. We remain committed to being proactive in preventing non-compliant services from making it to market

Mobile Entertainment Forum's (MEF), policy and initiatives director, Suhail Bhat said: 'Consumer trust in mobile services underpins the future success and growth of the mobile entertainment industry. It is encouraging to see that this trust is on the rise and to observe the impact that this is having on the companies offering these services.'

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