iPhone 3GS finally back at Carphone Warehouse and O2

iPhone 3GS finally back at Carphone Warehouse and O2

Carphone and O2 have both received new shipments of the iPhone 3GS, marking the first time they have been in stock since the weekend of the device’s June 19 release.

O2 stores received new stock last Friday and at the beginning of this week, while Carphone stores are receiving large new shipments throughout this week.

The reason for the delay in stock is not known, but the device has sold better than expected. O2 has claimed the iPhone 3GS has been the best selling version of the device yet. All O2 stores sold out on the day of release, while Carphone’s stock was cleared over the first weekend.

Staff at both companies have been inundated by requests on when the next shipments will be available. Neither have allowed pre-orders, instead opting to sell on a first come, first save basis.

One O2 staffer told Mobile: ‘Even we’re surprised how quickly it has sold. The improvements to the 3GS are subtle but significant and customers have recognised that.’ 

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