Terminate the Rate campaign brands connection charges as ‘secret tax’

Terminate the Rate campaign brands connection charges as ‘secret tax’

The charge to call a mobile from a landline has been branded as one of Britain’s ‘secret taxes’ by members of the Terminate the Rate campaign.

Mobile termination rates (MTRs) account for up to 80% of the price per minute of a landline or from a mobile phone on a different network, according to the leaders of the campaign, 3 and BT.

A termination rate is the cost of connecting calls to mobiles and costs around 5p per minute when calling a mobile from a landline or a mobile on a different network.

The campaign claims that the charges are ‘hidden’ and one of the highest hidden taxes on consumer goods.

When compared to other items that are heavily taxed, such as beer and fuel, mobile calls come out on top.

3, speaking for the Terminate the Rate campaign, said: ‘Hidden taxes on things like petrol and beer can be annoying, but MTRs far exceed these taxes in percentage terms and the vast majority of the British Public are unaware that they even exist.’

The campaign started in May and has since gathered momentum after the European Commission recognised that the charges ‘stifle consumers’.

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