Fake Nokias back as counterfeit 8800 Arte handsets sold for half £625 RRP

Fake Nokias back as counterfeit 8800 Arte handsets sold for half £625 RRP

Counterfeit Nokia handsets are continuing to filter down onto high streets across the UK.

Dealers in London claimed imitations of the manufacturer’s luxury handset, the Arte, had been seen as recently as last week.

High street dealers said they had seen counterfeit versions of the high-end Nokia 8800 Arte, which were so similar to the genuine article that customers were unable to tell the difference.  

The high-end phone is marketed as a ‘stylish fashion phone’ and is available from the Nokia website for £625 Sim-free. However, imitations are being sold for half the price on websites such as eBay and Gumtree.

One Midlands based dealer said there had been a ‘lot more’ counterfeits filtering onto the high street over the last two months.  

He added: ‘There are only two real ways to tell [whether it is fake] and that is by plugging it into a PC, and by checking the actual font. The counterfeits tend to be very good copies because they look exactly the same.’  

He also said: ‘There are some faults, the handsets often turn themselves off and the charging ports are the wrong size.’

Last year, Mobile reported that fake Nokias were ‘flooding the market’ – a problem that sources claimed had not yet been resolved.

There have also been reports of a counterfeit version of the N95 8GB model being available to consumers. Nokia said it ‘takes counterfeit products very seriously’, and added the safest way to purchase a Nokia device is to use a reliable retail outlet.

In the UK, it is estimated that the current loss to industries affected by counterfeit goods is around £11bn per year.

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