HTC Hero device sent back for ‘retesting’ by Google at last minute

HTC Hero device sent back for ‘retesting’ by Google at last minute

The highly anticipated HTC Hero, expected to be launched on 15 July, is yet to reach all shops and distributors.

The handset, which will be available in graphite on Orange and black on T-Mobile, has been available for pre-order through exclusive HTC distributor Brightpoint for the last two weeks.

The distributor’s dealers were notified by email that it was being ‘retested’ by Google on 20 July.

However, a spokesperson for HTC said: ‘It is not a retest. It’s the standard practice that every Android device goes through and it will be in shops in July.’

Staff in Orange and T-Mobile stores are yet to be told when the HTC Hero (pictured) will be available for sale across the networks. One London based T-Mobile employee said: ‘We got an email saying it won’t be in stores until the end of the month.’

However, as Mobile went to press, Orange declared it would sell the device from 22 July. The move will be a first to market exclusive.

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