T-Mobile releases G2 Android phone in top 58 stores

T-Mobile releases G2 Android phone in top 58 stores
T-Mobile will release the G2 in 58 of its top stores today, making it the only network with two Android phones.

The handset, also known as the HTC Hero, has been branded the G2 to ‘continue the G1 legacy’ and will be sold alongside the G1.

The network hopes to differentiate from other networks with the phone, which has unique G2 branding. It will also give customers access to its ‘web and walk’ portal for applications, which will work alongside the Android app store.

The G2/HTC Hero is not exclusive to T-Mobile and is also available in Carphone Warehouse and on Orange.

The handset is being sold alongside the G1 online – T-Mobile said G1 sales had remained ‘constant’ and not dropped off. The operator reported 100,000 unit sales of the G1 after six months on sale – it also topped first day sale records for the network.

T-Mobile was coy on targets for the new phone but its new proposition development manager, Regan Whitehead, said: ‘It is a different situation than with the G1 – I hope we’d be able to punch above our weight with this.’

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This is the clostest thing to the iPhone out there at the moment. The only downside is that the Hero looks more like a TV remote than a phone!
Yeah, i've been using an HTC Hero for the last week, which is a re-branded G2. I'd agree it's impressive.. Nice usability, rea ...
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