O2 West Midlands store staff told: sell iPhones with other products

O2 West Midlands store staff told: sell iPhones with other products

O2 retail staff have claimed they are being pressured to sell products that have not been affected by recent bonus caps.

Sources close to the largest O2 store in the West Midlands, based in Westfield shopping centre, Merry Hill, claimed they are only selling iPhones to customers who are willing to take out insurance or buy mobile broadband alongside the product.

They claimed the move was due to newly capped bonuses resulting in branch managers pushing staff to sell products where bonuses are still available.

Mobile understands that managers are being offered a bonus for high levels of insurance penetration. Staff said they are being pushed to sell products other than handsets to hit the managers’ targets.

The West Midlands store has recently undergone a £250,000 refurbishment. Since it has re-opened, staff have been instructed to sell the iPhone ‘bundled’ with other products.

O2 changed its bonus structure to penalise staff if they exceed their targets at the end of July. For every 5% staff exceed contract handset targets, they will lose 1% of their bonus.

One staff member said: ‘It’s all about broadband this quarter and the cap on the bonus is affecting the way that we are selling.’

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I am an o2 manager and and this view is slightly slanted. 1st we have always been encouraged to try to sell add ons ( just like every other retailer ) ...
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